Admob returns to show ads

Well admob returns to show ads again for apps published in the store, at least for me it already shows ads.

The only bad thing I do not know if it is an error, is that when you put LoadAdmob in the Screen Initializer it does not load, although I do not have Logcat for which I can not assure.

But otherwise Admob is working, they warned that they already solved the error, so I apologize if at any time I managed to annoy the managers of Kodular, although 2 days ago I realized that Admob really was the culprit.

How did I realize?

  • As mentioned, it was not the only one, nor those who work with Kodular Thunkable etc, it was also for those who program in Android Studio.
  • Other platforms also started to warn that ads were not shown in their applications.
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