Admob Revenue in India

I search on YouTube, Quora, Reddit, Kodular Community but never got clear answer.
Question is really simple !!
What is your ad revenue (ecpm) for different ad types

  1. Admob Banner Ad
  2. Admob Interstitial Ad
  3. Admob Rewarded Ad

Please reply and post screenshot(optional but will be more helpful)
It will also help everyone to plan their apps.

You forgot Google Ask this on Google.

Kodular is only the medium to use the admob ads, Kodular is not actual Admob, Ask Google to get sufficient Information.

Don’t Ask Questions Like This.
Irrelevant Questions or Not Related to Kodular.

Kodular Takes Some Commission.
When you will implement admob ads in your app.

You can calculate the commission using this app

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can any indian here, tell me about their ecpm?

Hello bhai you should read this b…

Click here
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