Admob Reward Ads Ad close

Hello everyone,
I need small help from you guys, if any one have a solution please reply

WhenAdmob reward ad shows and the user close the ad without completing ad then it should close the screen, if successfully watched the ad then he should be on same screen, I tired Ad video close option but it’s closing even user watched full Ad

Hope I will find solution


show your blocks

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Try this
blocks (57) blocks (58)

the issue it when i complete ad and close it. it’s closing the screen

can you show all blocks because i am seeing that there is 2 rewarded ads

please show where you use rewarded ad 1 not rewarded ad 2

do not take a screen shot use right click on blocks screen then click on download png

Note : Ad closed event does not only mean that “when user close the ad before Completing. the ad”
it also means when user close the ad after completing the ad.

the block is use for both purpose.

In this case, you are unable to do what you want.

not working when i close ad it’s not closing screen

i know , those blocks are not working.

You need to wait for the new update of this component

any other ways for fix it

You need to tell me what you want to do this ?

i want users to watch complete reward ad

anything else

and why you want to close screen.

i don’t wan’t user to watch video if he closes the ad without completing