Admob rewarded vedio ads not show in my app

Admob rewarded vedio ads not show in my app please help newbetagame (5).apk (7.8 MB)

Kindly provide some details so that we can help you. Thank you

I made a app and test live ads show but app install and open app ads not show

Did you request admob activation in kodular settings? :wink::wink:
:arrow_right: Sign in | Kodular
If your app is not in Goggle Play you have to request it :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Request approve
But ads not show

Did you put correctly the admob ID?

Yes and I test. Live

Remember that in test live, ads won’t be shown :confused:

Wait a few days to admob give you ads for your app. The problem it’s of them

Ads show on live test


For help

Mark my message as solution plis​:wink:
Your welcome!

This could not be a solution as we still not know what the problem is on your app!

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