AdMob rewarded video for children

Hey, I’m doing an app for any age (so children too) and I have inserted AdMob rewarded video. I want my app will be add in Google Play family program, so my question is: How can I respect all Google family policy relative to ad? I saw that AdMob interstitial has “Target For Children” option, how can I do the same with AdMob rewarded video?:sweat_smile:

I don’t think this is directly related to Kodular so you might not get many answers.

Search google and the Admob forums instead.

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You cant do it mate. If you add admob to your app which is designed for children, Kodular will put Startapp sdk inside it in order to take its commission. But Startapp sdk is not part of google family program. So your apps will be deleted from google play after a while. Kodular team said they noted the issue. I hope they will do sth about it. Thats why I stopped coding apps and using kodular. I hope we start to earn money again soon.

I have understand, but Kodular doesn’t take any commission with AdMob Rewarded Video, so why they put Startapp sdk in this case?:thinking:

I can say that kodular must change its ad system. It must be more transparent about commissions. I saw many questions about it in the forum. It must be suitable with google family program, at least there must be an option for the apps designed for kids. My apps are downloaded over 100k. I believe that if I could continue It would reach 1 million. But I gave up just because of this ad system. good luck with that.

Thanks Gio, but never give up, remember it:muscle:

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