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Hi Friends, I have an application on beekeeping. Currently google storede is online. He can control 20 beehives. I’m thinking of putting admob award-winning video in this app. Example: 100 times award-winning video users will win 1 beehive and 21 beehives will be able to control. I could not achieve this encoding. Can you help me with coding? Thank you so much.

I suggest you use firebase for this. I use firebase for all individual statistics on usage, credits etc.

How do you identify the individual users? Is there any login system?

I do not have a login system, but I do track based on a hash of their unique Android ID, through a custom extension. Then in firebase I can use bucket/users/deviceid/stats as a place to track,

As the user goes through more videos, you increase the counter, and check it. if it is > 100 then you increase hivecount +1


Thank you Cian;
I’m very novice about that. help with coding. or could you share a sample .aia file?

just start playing with firebase, writing and reading. When you have done that, let me know if you need help

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Be careful with this. If I understood correctly if the user watch only one video he doesn’t get a reward.
Not sure but this may be a violation…
I suggest u to do some thing like "each video watched user gets a point. 1 point can be exchanged for x, 5 points for y and so on.

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I understood the gift event with your warning. You said the firebase. I’ve registered in the firebase. reinstalled the application. I am trying to understand. thank you.

You need to practice the Get.Value and Store.Value

Figure those techniques out. There are lots of examples online and some good tutorials.

Thank you. you’re right. score event more beautiful and logical.

With the score event you can gamify it. Set different trophies for different video counts. You need to be careful about the terms.

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