Admob Temporary Ad Limit on 100k+ downloads app

I have an app on playstore with over 100k+ downloads yesterday I placed admob ads ( only rewarded ) with 4 daily viewing limit on my app, The app gets around 2k-3k downloads a day , Playstore approved the app 10 hours ago and made about 14$ with around 600 new downloads + around 2000 previous users who updated, And after only 10 hours I received an email about temporary ad serving limited , I don’t know why this happened as userbase of my app is global and with around 3000 impressions ads gor limited, Is this normal or a special case with my app?

Nothing special…
Usually admob places the ad-limit.
Even my app which has 10k downloads has an ad-limit from 3 months.
You have to just wait or you can mail them your problem.