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I have an app where I used AdMob. But now I want to use ad manager. So what do I need to do?

Thank You.

Don’t use Ad manager you will regret it later

I need to update my app immediately. So I want to use ad manager. Because kodular ads SDK not updated and also Admob extensions are paid.

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If you can Invest in buying an Admob extension then definitely buy one!

Ad manager would give you low revenue and many more headaches, If you do have an Active AdMob account then I suggest you to not go for Ad Manager as it has very low fill rate for users belonging to the Second World (Developing) countries like - India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.

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Do you have any evidence that Ad Manager is having problem with only Indian subcontinent or developing countries for that matter?

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admanager is best but now it is facing a lot of issue and no more support by kodular currently iam not recommend you…
i think almost all users facing issue but some of them are not ready to post anything regrading this issue…

the users who already reported regarding this issue also tired…


Before Ad Manager was best we were earning descent amount but now we are not earning descent amount only facing issues because Kodular Ad Manager Sdk Outdated, Video Inventory not enabled, Open bidding still didn’t added and Kodular is not helping us and not responding us only they are ignoring us

About Admob extension there are free as well if you want then just go and search on github you will get free extension there :wink:

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Not only second country as well as others countries also

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Actually Ad Manager is facing problems across many countries but I tried to emphasize on the fact that GAM by Kodular doesn’t offer a decent Ad Inventory for India.

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Taken from the extensions directory


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