Admobile increase your app income


blogs about ads platforms

sorry for big letters on first post.i totally forgot that rule.

Your app will be removed by google very soon because of all the words you use in capitals and because you don’t make sentences just lists of keywords.


It seems he used those as Keywords to rank on Google Play! :wink:


And his privacydocument …


I’m totally speechless! :laughing:

i wasn’t know it .i will fix it soon.thanks for warning:)

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nope. it was in my i just copy and paste from i didn’t too much.

It’s prohibited to use any popular app name in your app description.

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nice to know. added to fix list.i sent new update.i will fix privacy thing tomorrow.

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Guys anyone can tell me how to rank apps in india , I had trried one but :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

Official community language is English. Please translate your reply.

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What do you mean? It is illegal to generate fake downloads.

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