Adobe XD, Sketch, Figma to Kodular

Is there a way that, in which I can import my UI designs from Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch to Kodular?

Not possible.

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You give very little info about why you want to do that and what you are trying to achieve. Maybe if you give more info we can help you with some ideas. Like @Mateja you can not directly show those images in Kodular.


The only way to do such thing is to manually recreate the design.

And as i know you are in misunderstanding that if you draw ui in adobe or figma then its atomatic import to any platform like android studio, xcode and also for web app and also flutter or react native.
You are making ui in figma or any software is just for presentation for client that app is shown like this and for reference to app developer for width, height, margin, padding, font size and alignment of any components.
So next time search a little bit more.