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Hello, I’m trying to create an app for adopting animals. briefly, I want an application in which the user can log in and register the animal he wants and other people who access the application view all registered animals, who can search for a certain animal (regarding registration: sex, age, size). I am a beginner at kodular, I would like to know if anyone has any tutorial or .AIA that I can use as a basis for this App, from any registered person can register the animal, and keep it in the app for everyone to see (as if it were a sales application (ecommerce)).

follows an illustrative image:

Friend, what you want is the Basic software / app with database.
1- on the one hand someone registers as a donor / seller
2- that same user can be the one who will adopt
3- someone else signs up as the person they are going to adopt.

It is not about being a beginner in Kodular, or in Java, or in Delphi, or in Kotlin, or in Flutter, or in PHP … This programming logic has to be in your head and not in a tutorial.
You have to know how to define the routines that each type of user will have access to.
You have to design your database to be able to function as the software / app needs (regardless of the programming language).


One small suggestion, Generally people adopt not more than 2-3 pets. And the adoption process, will not be too cumbersome to have a dedicated application. I would suggest you to go for a website, which is very easy to maintain, build and update. You can give your website a neat web application look as well.


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