Ads also in background

Hello, I created an app with startapp interstitial ads, i use a clock sensor to show it every 3 minutes so but, when it show also ads when i close the app, what can I do to result this problem?

you can stop clock always fire when app close

Cam you show me with an image please
I do like that

You have not done it correctly. What @ImranTariq said is to Disable (Enabled to False) the clock on App Exit.

But how can I find App exit

I’ll do it for you… Let me know, in which screen are you using ads with clock? Is it on main screen? Or on Screen1 or somewhere else?

In the Screen 2

Just do it as below…

When Screen2 Back Pressed… Then, Set timer enabled to False. Hope you understand.

I do like you sead but it’s still not working

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what can I do else, if you want I give you the aia project

Remove the marked block…

And Set Timer Always Fires to False on back press.

Only send if this is a small aia and you really having trouble to setup.

AlbanianMusic.aia (1.1 MB)
It’s still not working :sob::sob:

It’s big in size though! Wait a while…

ok, I hope that it will work

AlbanianMusic (1).aia (1.1 MB)

SVID_20191029_184551_1.mp4 (3.6 MB)
Not working

Can I do something else?

Can someone help me??