Ads aproval pup up message

I made this app from Kodular website.

The application has been uploaded to the Play Store.

When I am downloading and checking from the Play Store, there is no pop message for ad approval.

When I am backing up and reinstalling the app, a pop-up message is coming for ad approval.

If I upload this application to a third party website and if people download from there, it will show a pop-up message for the ad.

This is a very annoying thing.

And yes, how do you like this issue of Kodular?

And what can I do now?

This is not an issue this is how it works. This is standard behavior. Until you have permission to serve ads you will see the popup. Only on google Play the popup is not visible.

Did you ask for permission to serve ads in your app?

But Kodular should have said that,
Not sending pop-up messages to users.
But why didn’t Kadula do it.

It is better not to add without permission. But why give a pop-up massage without the permission of the developer?

Yes I asked permission but I have been blocked for monetize but Kodular has not given me any answer as to why it has been blocked.

it 100% issue for app user

Kodular is not obligated to respond to every query about why some app was blocked from monetisation. Our monetisation policies are clear and can be found in our support page

The pop-up message is to remind the app developer to request approval.

It seems like you’ve published your app to Google Play to circumvent the ban Kodular placed on your app. I don’t recommend it unless you want to risk losing your Google Play account.

There’s nothing you can do to remove the pop-up


I want to upload my application to third party websites other than playstore.
But I told the user what I can do to prevent the message from getting pop-up ad request approval.

Why not apply for monetisation request on kodular.
It’s solve your problem.
What type of app is yours.
Place link for your app

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