Ads are showing but not getting impression or clicks counted by admob

the adunit are placed completely and ads are also showing but their views and impression as well as clicks are not getting counted on admob.
please check the issue

AdMob stats are not instant
If you click on an ad (which you shouldn’t do it as you get risked to get your account banned, use Test mode for so), you won’t see it in your account inmediately

ads not showing but sometime some ads show but not getting impression or clicks counted by admob .i have test mode off all this ad code but face to there is problem.

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to be honest, i also have this problem but only after i get email from google saying i have failed to verify my identity.

Sorry I did not understand the purpose of your speech, but I made apps from the Appyblider and added them to the show and admob Count was coming. But the kodlar does not. I think this problem kodlare is nothing else.

Just ignore it, I’m trying to help @Diego on solving your issue.

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bro its refreshing day by day week by week in admob

Do you really want to help me in this matter?Before speaking to you, I’ve talked to many developers of the app developer, they said that the kodular has this problem and almost everyone has faced the problem, nobody could offer any solution.

Don’t you understand English?

P.s there are lots of topics regarding admob. Why don’t you have patience to get your solution?

Really sorry, i understand, thank you.

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Yes i have the solution that is the ads which are shown in your app are of kodular and that why yours clicks and impressions are not counted as kodular takes shares from your app.
The best solution for it is cancel your admob account and then make a new one seriously some accounts don’t serve ad bro i really faced it too and before implementing ads just checkout my post wait

ok thats all

If then also having problem them
message me always ready to help developers

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I’m sure @anuragtekam0 has tell you the solution so I’m marking as solution on his reply.

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