Having problems related to Admob? open this Topic

Here are the most common problems faced by the users and i have also given the solution don’t fill the community with Questions anymore.

Ads Not Showing For new users

  1. Check your ad unit ID sometimes new user uses banner id for interstitial
  2. Wrong Ad unit Id
  3. Apps are without content or have very low content
  4. Admob account or Ad unit Id just created
  5. Adsence account is still under review
  6. you have not used blocks to load ad.
  7. you have added so many ads in your App
  8. First read the admob policies how to load and show ads correctly
    If the problem continues then first search for answers and if then also no results then only post Topic here :pray::pray::pray:

For Old Users

Google have disabled ads for many apps with improper content the apps that have very less content or not content is not served ads but in some cases the ads are shown.

Your Adsence account may be terminated and you have not checked that.

You have kept eCPM very high that no Ads are displayed

Peoples who have earning app i will be clear that all the thing we need is content and following the Admob policies then only your account will serve ads if your app does no matter what kind of App is your ads will display Ads.

You do force click to users to run App
Google tracks everything and google most of the times spares developers as there system is so strict now they do not terminate accounts but suspend accounts for the mistakes but if you continue this can lead to permanent termination of your account.
So do not force click

Users requests too much ads in a minute
You should only show 2 - 10 Impression maximum to users to get better reviews
but if it is your living maximum 2 Ads per minute not more than that.

Thats all if the problem continues then search the community and if no solution is found then you can post topic with proper explaination and video and images if possible we will help you.