Ads Block list , Ads host file for custom webview >4000 websites

Ads block list host file here with 4000<website listed in csv method just add it to assest then to custom webview and no ands on youtube,google,e.t.c…
**Txt here:**ads.txt - Google Drive


Temporarily unlist it. Link not working

I had modified it now it works

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Can we use like this

I mean just copy the all text and paste it

I think thats how we do? just dont know the order :sweat:

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no it has 4000 websites it may hang your app directly use my uploaded link in ad host file as text

Please give me this aix link.

I want block this all ads can you help me I don’t know which adnetwork they use :disappointed:

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Hi, I am trying to block ads. But I don’t know how can I know the ads providers links and spam links. There is an extension; I forget the name; if anyone knows, please reply to this message. I am using this “CustomWebView: An extended form of Web Viewer.”

Hello how do I get a host of a certain site to block it? Or possibly plugins?