Ads Display Problem

Ad is not displayed when pressing back button. But is displayed when exiting the app.

Blocks= Screen1 (back pressed) > Show interstitial ad.

But when I exit all interstitial ads are displayed at once. Pls help.

Please show your blocks. Blocks will helps users to know your problem easily.

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welcome to community, as @ramrajput200021 said, show your blocks, because ads display is based on your blocks. it depends when you are calling load ad, and when using show adds block.

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Don’t use ads when screen back button pressed. it may create problem for you & also disable your account… @LAKHI_BARUAH

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I’m a little bit confused! Are you showing Ads on back-press or loading it?! Better if you show blocks .

By the way, I never suggest anyone to place ads on back-press. This could lead you to a suspension of your Adsense account.


Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll keep that in mind. I will remove the ad. I have a “Home” and “Quiz Again” button,will it be good if I place ads there?

Better you place ads when screen initialize, or you can place ads while any action is there in your app…
Ya you can place on home screen of App, etc. @LAKHI_BARUAH