Ads do not show when downloaded from Google Play


Ads show in the APK file, but only ads with Kodular commission show when you download it from Google Play.

What should I do?

Use ad failed to load block.

Exactly and also provide information which ad network are u using.??
And after using ad failed to load block also provide the Eror code or number
That will make us to understand where is the problem

I am using Admob.
“The ad request was successful, but no ad was returned due to lack of ad inventory.”
Ads appear when I update same ad unit ID

When I created a new page in Google Adsense, an advertisement appeared after 1-2 hours. It will likely be the same. Ads will start to appear after 1 - 2 hours. I guess.


Adsense has approved my application but ads not showing. What can you prefer to me?
Please check my link please

Did you add the ads.txt file?

If you added it, ads will usually start showing between 24-48 hours.

This forum is not related with websites. Better you ask this to any related forum.

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Yeap l added ads.txt file same day. But everyday showing 2-3 times.