Ads Extensions in kodular

After searching for a bit I got to know that ads exntensions are not allowed in kodular. But maybe only if that Ad Component is already available in kodular?I have made an ad extension for Offerwall which is currently not available in kodular so I was thinking that I can sell it or not as that component is not available in kodular.

I think you can’t use any ads extension.

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But it’s an Offerwall extension and there is no Offerwall extension in kodular

Lets wait for Staff’s answer.

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You can only use the internal ad components. No external ad extensions are allowed at the moment.


I think you should discuss it with staff. If staff liked your extension then they will add your extension as a component…
Am i right peter

No I dont think so

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A few days ago someone created a Facebook ads extension. he also builds his projects with that ads extension and the build was successful.

I think the rules are clear:

Anyone close this topic please.