Ads not putted but developer account shows ads are there

Hi , i have not implemented any ads in my aia but when exported and published in play store it shows that they found facebook sdk in my app as screenshot above.

I have used this following third party extensions
taifun clipboard
taifun sharing extension
dialogs extension
special tools extension
layout dialog extension by jerin jacob

Thanks in advance

@Kodular can answer your question.

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We can? I don’t think so since he have not shown which componens he use…


So you must post a picture to show which components are you using…

Kodular compiles app with all components even if not used…
So it shows like that…
Select No because your app doesn’t serve ads

Yes and no.
Librarys are not added for all components.

and i need to say one thing, is that before i used a aia which had facebook ad blocks on it, and i deleted it and then exported.

this is it,

thanks in advance

i just found even you just add a button and export it
it contains Ad sdk. thanks for everyone, and special thanks to @Boban

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