Ads not showing in my play store Live app

Showing my block here. What’s my wrong in the block. I have Uploaded this app on play store but ads not showing.
2020-05-11 at 19-46-01

2,857 Ad Requesting but Fill Rate, Impressions is null.
2020-05-11 at 19-52-07

Maybe your app isn’t high enough quality or doesn’t have enough active users for Admob to want to show ads in it.


I use Facebook Ads. 260+ Active Device 15 User give 5 Star Rating.

Well maybe Facebook aren’t interested in showing ads. Why don’t you ask them?

Because Facebook SDk update And Kodular Not Update

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hmm @Mika said that @Kodular will update fb ads sdk in a few days

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My older 3 apps are showing ads. But 10 May 2020 Updated app ads not showing.

Yes Only SDK Problam. I Dont Know Why Kodular Not Update Facebook SDK.

I don’t know why people don’t search the forum before posting the same useless and unnecessary things over and over again.


mine facebook ads also not working in new apps …please do update sdk to 5.8 asap.
#fix facebook sdk

This kind of talk won’t get you anywhere here


I think block are not perfect…to show ads no need many active user… network component not working properly change it then works

I think blocks are not properly… network component not working some times change it and no need many users to show ads

Its Work my other apps.

Same problem, does the sdk updated now?

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check this 2 things then,

  1. if your admob ad units are new , then wait for 24 hours max .
  2. Check if you made your ads unvisible ( untick the visible ) to your ads.

Sometimes solution is like this and we mess with blocks for no reason.

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He Is Using FB ads

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may be this will help

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