Ads not showing properly

My app is on playstore but my admob ads not working properly. My daily page views is more than 3 or 4 Million but impression is only 3 or 4k. Help please what is the problem

Any one know about the issue then help please because my app is also trending on playstore.

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Try it sometime It really works admob ads not working properly. My daily page views is more than 3 or 4 Million but impression is only 3 or 4k - Google Search


I try but my problem not Solved.

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You should contact google then…

This was what I found

Both the terms, ad impressions & page views are different.

Ad impressions means the number of times ad has been shown to users. Whereas page views is defined as number of pages viewed by a unique visitor during a single session.

When you look at overall pageviews it includes page views of all the traffic sources so naturally page views will be more than ad impressions.

You may be requesting too much add in a short amount of time.

(All ads network limits the number of requests accepted for a given time duration like 5 request per Seconds so if you request 6th ad it will not be served.

Other reason can be

You have created the ad unit recently (2 - 3 days ago). It will take approx 4 to 5 day to properly work.

Or the user of your app are mostly located at locations where fill rate is low.

Because in many Tier-2 and Tier-3 countries AdMob ads are not shown as they don’t have enough advertisers on those countries. This might be one of the reasons, There might be some other reasons as well. kindly check your visitor’s countries. Or else rasie a support ticket.

Next time put your questions in the google ads forum regarding page views, ipressins, clicks



My doubt is how do you get a 4 Million Views with just 1000 users? I checked your app on Playstore. Are you loading too many ads??

Edit : I tried you app and you are loading tooo many ads. 2 banner in front page and a reward ad when opening. When clicking a channel another interstitial and a banner then when exiting 3 interstitial??? What it’s a ad kingdom omg

I didn’t agree with you when screen open and airtable get value then i load a video add and a banner ad
And when click on channel i load intrestial ad and when exiting app i load fb intrestial ad and 1 admob intrestial ad.
This is because i want some paid extensions for my app due to which i add more ads.
And the other things my app user is not just 1000. daily active user is about 4.3k.because many of the download is from my website.

And when my goal is complete for buying extension then i remove some ads because its not safe to use so many ads. And user also irritating from more ads.

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Thanks every one for help i am going to remove 2 ads and just leave video ad.
May b its solve my problem


Great! Good Move

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