Ads not showing

hey i, created an app from my brothers account in which all ads were showing via admob and then i exported that app via an “aia” file and created my own kodular account and imported that app but when i export the apk it does not show any ads in it

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Upload to play store. Wait for 24 hrs. Also make sure your account is ready and verified.

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No ads are shown without publishing app on playstore bro

did that , same problem my my brothers id its working like charm but from my id nah its not working

Is your account verified and showing ads on app created with Android studio?

i work with asndroid b4x and there admob banner the builder some peole have troubles. And if admob work in b4x than i think it will work in android studio.


whenever i update my app on playstore, the ads didn’t show for like 15 hrs (maximum) but it shows again. i don’t know if there is any bug on the builder or so. but my apps work perfectly :wink:

havent tried it yet like should i just import "aia " file to android studio?

There is one more problem i faced some time ago. that Admob Needs Screen Sizing Responsive

how can i put my screen sizing as responsive

Just Click on Screen1 From Properties and find Screen Sizing and set it to Responsive

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