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Hello community, I want to implement “AdMob Rewarded” in my app, as follows:

  1. There are two buttons that are linked to URL files in pdf format to be viewed and downloaded.

  2. The intention is for the user to press the button one of the buttons and the ad appears, after he can view the pdf file.

The problem is that my app does not do that job, first open the pdf files without showing the ad.

In order for the ad to appear, press the button (the url opens) and then turn back, so that the ad is reproduced.

How can I fix the problem?

For each button is it necessary to create a second ad?

Is your app available in Play store…?

Make changes in block tha. When admob reward video granted reward… Then set your Activity starter to show pdf…

Por el momento no está en Play Store, tengo activado “modo prueba” para visuliazar como se ven los anuncios antes de la publicación.

Can you please use english language .
Thank You.

Excuse me, it was an oversight of mine:

At the moment it is not in the Play Store, I have activated “test mode” to see how the ads look before the publication.

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ok no prblm…
Then set your blocks that when your Admob reward video grant reward do & under that set your activity starter to show pdf.

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Anything else, For each button is it necessary to create a second ad?

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