Ads not showing

I know there are a lot of topics but didn’t find the answer

My all apps , and ads working fine

But now on this one app doesn’t

Today worked everything fine , and now before 1 h i uploaded my app update on playstore and ads not showing

I didnt change anything with ads, i yooust use Test mode , checkbox when i test thats it …i didnt change anything in blocks

Wait for some time, playstore may needs a little time to check and approve ads for apps

Yes works now

But now when rewarded video ends i’m not getting any reward

And i didn’t change anything in blocks

When i connect to companion then i get reward but on google play not

What reward you have set in admob? While creating reward ad

And admob not gives any reward in start, it may takes some day to give you any earning from reward video

Before yesterday update it gave rewards

Everything worked fine , until i updated the app yesterday

And when i use with kodular companion it gave rewards

Then wait for sometime its all on google play store and admob to provide ads to a person,

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