ads now working

Hi, before the new update to Kodular, the ads were running in my application, but after an update I got messages that appeared: Action Required Your app has not been approved to serve ads … Knowing that my application was previously approved, what is the solution when I went to the project, the money sign shows any ads Enabled, but the problem is still

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Please use this guide to search, as it has been asked too many times :slight_smile:

Ok, it’s a joke, but you should really look before posting


After new update you have to login My Kodular once and then check app status there in projects, and that will be fixed.

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if your app approved for serving ads then you add some ads extra then this msg will occurs again. but when you go to approve it show ads serving approved. this is a problem.

Ans : after all work you have to export aia and import it with another name then again submit it to ads serving. this works for me also.