Ads placement issue

I want to know that we can place the banner ads above the bottom navigation or we have to put in below the bottom navigation.

Yes you can place the banner above the bottom navigation. Use horizontal or vertical arrangements to design your screen.


Putting the banner ads above the navigation bar then it safe for AdSense policy

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Bottom is good idea
I’m also using bottom placement. But make sure don’t leave any spaces around banner ad and don’t compromise with app UI.

I think you have to put your banner ads away from places where it can be clicked accidentally. People holding the phone with one hand can use the bottom navigation with a thumb, but if you put the ad like in the picture, they will be clicking the ad by mistake a lot. Why not at the top of the screen?

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Yes, that would be great… if it wasn’t because it goes against the Google Adsense policies.
You are not supposed to put your ads where can be clicked by accident, and you can have your app suspended until you fix that.


I can see a lot of people uses ads but can you please tell me honestly, Do any of you ever read completely the Adsense policies? My guess is NO because I see every week a couple of “My app got rejected” topics and is always for something that the developer is not supossed to do.
Do yourselves a favor and read the policies!


Here is the picsart app … image even they are also using the bottom navigation and use the ads below

You can place it anywhere
But if a user clicks accidentally then user will be redirected to browser/destination of ad
then press back button to come back to your app because user is not interested in the ad
so the accidental click comes under invalid traffic
If the invalid traffic increases. Google’s Algorithm thinks that you are intentionally generating invalid traffic and your account will be suspended
More Details:


Yes, I am. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ads Placement is something, that fully depends on rules of the respected Ad Network. So, I suggest you to read policies instead of posting it here.

everyone puts ad at bottom since it increases chance of click

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