Ads.txt in google ad manager

Hello My Kodular Friends,

I transfer my app from google admob to google ad manager. But in google ad manager ı am not able to create ads.txt file. So ı have already ads.txt which ı created in google admob also included kodular ID shared on my websites. ads are not showing at the moment. I checked all guides provided by kodular but not able solve. Please kindly your help messages

Please send the link to your app-ads.txt file. Thanks

Hello Vishwas,

Dou you want this am ı missunderstanding ?


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I see that you have ended your Ad Manager agreement with Kodular for the email cem********[email protected]******.com. Are you using Ad Manager with any other email addresses?

Yes. Admin in Google Ad Manager is my different mail adress.

Please PM me the email address you’re using for Ad Manager so I can troubleshoot the issue from our end. Thanks.

Ok. I sent Vishwas

Thanks . How will I check is it solved ?

Thanks for the info. I see some issues with your setup which are preventing ads from delivering to your apps. To fix them,

  • Rename ads.txt to app-ads.txt
  • Replace, kcn-CHILD_NETWORK, DIRECT with, kcn-22746505122, DIRECT

Once you have resolved these issues, please let me know the package names of the apps you’re trying to run ads on and I’ll check if everything is in order.


Okay I will fix and inform you. Thanks

Ok. Vishwas done.

app packagename : io.kodular.emreozcan8.Gunespanelihesapprogrami_copy


Please also change pub-8529966190542528 to pub-7724198591595211

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Okay Done Vİshwas

Everything is set up correctly now. Ads should start showing in your app soon.

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Thank you my friend. I will check and infor you. Then ı will click solution regards

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