Ads will show if users download my app from apkpure?

if i publish my app in Google Play Store .Kodular says Ads are automatically shown when the app is installed from Google Play Store .
but my question if user download app from apkpure or install menualy then what will happen , Ads will stop showing??

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If you are not uploading app on play store then make your app approved by the kodular…

That rule is only for play store not for other stores…

i already upload my app in play store . my question is , if user download my app from playstore and share the app to a user via shareit , ads will show?,

NB: i already upload app in playstore and its live.

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You don’t require approval only if the app is downloaded directly from the Google Play Store


As far as my understanding goes the answer is NO!

If the app is downloaded from Google Play Store it will show ads, no Kodular approval is needed!

If the app was not approved by Kodular to serve ads and it was downloaded from any other place it will NOT show ads!

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