AdSense/AdMob account is disabled for App Inventor apps!

I have a question about all apps developed from Makeroid, Thunkable or Appy Builder in which we use AdMob Ads.

When we add our Ad Unit ID and call Ads I think these apps are creating invalid activity.

Already my 3 AdMob Accounts are disabled due to invalid activity.

Important things that------

  1. I never developed an earning app.
  2. Even i dont self click on my own ads.
  3. I dont test apps with ads on my own device so that Google can consider it as invalid activity.
  4. Im was daily getting 200-300 impressions with 2-3 clicks from different countries and generate revenue of 0.5-0.10$ with low CTR.

Every AdMob/AdSense account associated with apps developed from App Inventor Platforms are disabling due to invalid activity.

We can easily develop apps with these platforms but what happens if we didnt generate any revenue??

What about this issue @KodularCreator ( Makeroid Developers)???

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This happens when Google deleted the first time your account.
After that google does NOT allow you to create a new account.
Be sure google knows if you have one or two or more accounts.
And this is now the reason why your 3 account was deleted too…


I like to explain—

The first account is mine on y name and other all data.

And the other is on my brother and fathers name respectively.

For your kind information— If your first account get disabled and you create a new account with same email id , same name & address then Google will immediately suspend your second account not after approving it.

Im my case second and third account were approved and they allow me to show ads successfully over a month. And then it get suspended due to invalid activity.


As far as I know, Google knows everything. It records and matches from the address provided by you to IP address. I think It’s completely machine work behind it.

There are other alternatives to it. Check those.

But, I don’t think that the reason for account suspension is respective platforms used for app creation.

I have already used one of them facebook ads but it has a uug too.

Facebook interstitial ads are not displaying. There is a separate topic created but it is not still solved.

Hi …I think sir @mika is right .

@The_k_Studio sorry to say but you can’t blame any platform. Because Now I am developing Apps from Android studio and facing same issue . it means fault in us not in any platform.


Now I am testing/working with Facebook ads component …if the work will be done then I will inform you