Advance search bar for listview

is there any method to show similar elements in listview after filter.
i mean if list view have elements like UP78RG4732, UP78HF4732, UP96PO4732…etc,
then i want, if user search for 4732 then all the elements with 4732 will be shown

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thanks you so much.
But i have more then 50k items in list and i have tried this method and my phone is hanged
because execution between thousand of item become very complex for phone.
Am looking toward any one can help using html format or any other fast method.

Then try to use inbuilt listview search bar

But is there any option to show similar item of list…
by using html format or anything else

Then it will make hang your app as there is 50k items . So external set up cause slower the app or hang

store the items in the sqlite database and use a WHERE clause to filter the items
SELECT item FROM myTable WHERE item LIKE '%4732%'