Advanced Chat App with Firebase (Unsupported)

Yes rizu is Right

Many blocks disabled in the aia

It depends on where those blocks are, the app will probably works fine without them, I cannot remember exactly why and which one were disabled but I’m pretty sure they helped with testing.

I’m on High School too, but I try to make both (a good UI and good features) :sweat_smile:

Having a good interface is as important as having good functions. The key to success is knowing how to combine them in an efficient, attractive and useful way for the user who downloads it. Think that the user will see only the interface, not the programming or the work that the application has inside.

So please, improve te UI too :blush::wink:

I’m just saying it to help you, I don’t want to offend you

I’m always welcome to constructive criticism. What happened is that I was just started learning, I saw other chat app on the community, and they couldn’t send voice messages only text and photos and I wanted to have the translation feature in it. And also, I’m not too good of a designer, I prefer solving problems. When I get time, I will add comments to most of the blocks so that it can be easier for new users to learn from the blocks and what features they handle.
The design can be arranged and improve by anyone using it, everyone like different things.

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Very good @bogelin347 . Features are nice. This app is interesting. I am going to try your Chat App. Improve it. Looking for new features. All the best.

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It is stuck here

It is stuck in here also

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Did you compile the app with your own FireBase information? (I can’t found the database I used for this project). Also, if yes, you may want to test the app in the companion to create the initial firebase tags. It’s a one time thing and I think what happened in the sign up page is that it’s trying to verify if the username already exists and got stuck because it never received the information.

I will do it

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I like your app very much but you should also provide apk link also

Thanks, I will do that in the future because there is some stuff that I want to modify in it.

Ok thanks :blush:

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Hello, I have configured my own Firebase values and it is stuck on this dialog

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:face_vomiting: It’s a shame to use this emoji. Rudeness. Every app is valuable.


I Agree… :disappointed: :disappointed:

I still have to review my blocks to see how the sign up page is set up but if I’m not mistaken, what happen there is that the app is making sure that everything is correct and that no user id is also duplicated and got stuck because there’s no value to compares it to


(it’s usually not a problem when you have other users already there. Try to create the account using the “Do it” button to override the logics and then try again with the app itself.)

I don’t know if I’m going to have time today but I’m going to download the exact aia file I uploaded here and start with a fresh database so that I can provide better help. Just be patient please.

Appreciate your work! I have got it working, thanks again. But is it possible to implement notifications with OneSignal so a user gets notified when there’s a new message?

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It’s probably possible, try to look up at some other post. I haven’t have time yet to learn how to use the OneSignal components yet.

@Lheritmus Djamel Alberting
Very Nice work
Proud to have you in the community.


Did you make this app cool now if yes then post it again it will be too nice