Advertising Permission

It has been under review for 1 week and 2 days. When will I get the approval?

There are lost of projects witch need to approve and for that reason it can take long so please be patient it will be approved soon.

@dora_paz can you close this post

If I was you, I wouldn’t expect to be aproved or rejected soon. Since last years more than 5k projects were kept on a “waiting list” and this month the list wast deleted and than everyon can try again. It probably means that many more people applied the last days.

It doesn’t mean we must be in the dark about how long it could take. If it take a month or more, all right, but it would be nice if we at least have some idea of how long it takes instead having to hope that an answer come today or tomorrow.

Well there always the option to use playstore because you don’t need approval for that.

Also there is an option of using enhance but keep in mind it can also mess with your code so it’s not recommended.

So there are many ways to solve your issue but remember every advantage comes with a cost.

Playstore have a cost and burocracy that not everybody can overcome. Anyway, I didn’t say there is not option, But it is not absurd to want to know how long the approval process may take.

Well as you know how many users uses kodular and for each and every one needs to be reviewed by a human person witch can be time consuming also they can’t just work 24/7 witch is why it take time. And also the approvel system is important so users don’t abuse kodular witch can cost them huge loss.

For example you can read about what happened with when there was no review system also it’s keep biggeners from getting suspended.

Who said anything different? I didn’t disagree with any of those thing that you said in your last post. What I disagree was of your first answer when yout told a moderator to close this thread as if it was an absurd question.

There should be possible for us to know how long the process use to take.
Last year, for example, many people spent the entire year waiting and nobody was being accepted besides the official time to be accepted or rejected being of 1 week or 10 days, I don’t remember well. And in this all time not even once the staff said something about it. This is just not correct.