AES-128 Decrypt

With the help of “Taifun1 Encrypt” I encrypted my data records one after the other and stored them in the qr.csv file. You can see it on the screenshot.
But if I want to decrypt it again, this is only possible if only one data record is stored in qr.csv. Once there are two or more in it, it just gives me back the encrypted data.
What am I doing wrong?
Who can help please?


Is there a reason you’re using this over the built-in component? Not trying to deter you from using Taifun’s extensions, they are good, but it’s interesting that you chose that over something already built-in.

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you have to decrypt it row by row
in the GotText event convert the text (which is a one column csv table) into a list using the split block, just split at \n (new line)
then use a for each item in list loop and inside the loop decrypt each of the items (each item is a row)

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There is no reason for it. I’m a little testing extensions. But reading my * .csv would be important to me. I don’t have that much experience with lists and loops. Maybe you have a little tip. Taifun has already given some tips. But I don’t really get it yet.

you might want to try my suggestion and if you get stuck, post a screenshot of your relevant blocks

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I could despair! Can not be that hard. I am grateful for the solution.

unfortunately you did not follow the suggestion, here is it again

use the split block and decrypt inside the loop!
try again…

Am I getting closer to the solution?
Doesn’t look much better yet.

unfortunately not


For me you are the greatest! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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