AES 128 - Different Results on Different Platforms

in the last weeks I programmed my app for iOS (programming language: swift) and since I startet with iOS, I have one issue, which I can’t resolve:

I have some question about AES128 (cryptography-component).
Unfortunately the other topics about this are unanserwed or closed.

As far as I found out: Kodular uses CBC and pkcs5-padding.

My Problem is, if I encode strings in kodular and do the same in the iOS-Version of my app, I got different results. Same, if I do this with online encoder. But the iOS-result and online-result are equal and Kodular’s is different.

I think this depends by setting the initialization vector (iv)?. But how is Kodular setting the iv?

Another question is, why are the AES 128 keys, which Kodular generated by the following method, are 24 Bytes long and not 16 Bytes long. From far as I know, AES 128 keys should have a length of 16 Bytes. If I use the following key on online-encoder, I got an error, that the key is longer than 16 Bytes.

I hope someone can help me.