After add new keystore build apk gettin hanged 95%

Please anyone here to help me out regarding building apk getting hanged at 95% ( before that i just uploaded new keystore file ).

Where did your new keystore came from? Does it work if you put your old keystore back?

It look like you have created your own keystore


Sharp eyes.


yes ! So these keystore when i have upload on kodular… from that time its giving error at 95%. Please help me out.

Why did you create your own keystore? That is not necessary at all.

Kodular default name and values for keystore and if you have anything else it will not work…

Default name android.keystore

Default Keystore Password - android
Default Key Password - android
Default Keystore Alias - androidkey

Saw it even though I’m half blind :smile:

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Peter actually have a story behind that. I have lost my key, which have generated for first time app. The app was created by Siberian CMS. Now when i need to update the app, i choose kodular for UI improvements and all. So when i take apk from kodular & going to upload over google play its showing that no key have there. So i filled there form for recover / new keystore. Then received an email from google. As per email i have created new one via android studio and rename the keystore.jks file as android.keystore. Also i have changed the keystore passwords and alias via keystore explorer and save. Now these keystore file i have uploaded over kodular. and getting these error when building apk.

Hi, Boban could you please help me regarding these changes. Just i found that only UNLOCK password i need to change ( alias have change & keystore password have changed ). Which i have missed. I am using KeyStore Explorer.

Maybe this one