After approval admob ads not show and app crash

(dew bux) #1

Dear members,
After approval my app cannot load admob ads and app will be crashed.
I think I leave kodular due to after hard working we can’t get respons from admob ads on kodular platform.
I’m so sad

(Tharun Kumar) #2

Ads Working Dewbux… Send Error ?

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(Arpon Jisun) #3

I agree with you that app is crashing a lot but Kodular Team is trying their best to fix Admob and other small bugs .

Let’s say , you are hungry and you want your mom to get rice in 1 minute . Is this possible ? Give time to cook well and feel the taste .

Kodular is passing a bad time right now so support them . Don’t be a weather man :slight_smile:

(dew bux) #4

*Ads showing start.
App crash after few seconds

(Vishwas Adiga) #5

It is impossible for us to help you with such little information.
The onus of telling us your problem lies solely with you. Please describe the issue in as much detail as possible with all the relevant technical info.

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