After downloading a file from the community the file become .zip

Someone noticed that after downloading a file from the community, the file become .zip?
For example, when I download an aia file, the file becomes “” and I have to rename it every time I download something from the community.

Is this happens only to me?

Edit: this happens only with aia.

Yes. :smile:

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Do you by any chance have an extension on your browser that does this

No, I don’t have any extension, this happens only Kodular community, and not with appybuilder community.

No, its happens due to virus present in you system.
Scan your system with any antivirus
Sometime it happens because of virus…

I have to try on my pc to see if this problem happens also there.

Yes, right now i have downloaded an aia from kodular through android mobile and same error happened with me too.

Oh, so this happens only downloading by phone.

@DevYB, you can rename the file of “” to “example.aia”.
and the import it as project in Kodular,
it will work perfectly. :wink: :wink: :wink:

Doesn’t happen on my device, which browser are you using

As I wrote above I always do like that, I wanted only to report the problem.

Chrome for Android.

Chrome for downloading but its not happening in uc browser

I’m also using Chrome for Android and I don’t have that issue

It might be something wrong with Discourse I think.

So we can finalize as the bug of chrome browser.
may be its due to the version of browser that is being used.

Perhaps :smile:

So you have also (might) got the mysterious virus :rofl:

No, first i thought that it was being downloaded by pc.
And i have faced the same problem that is when i download a file then there is a change in extension of file.