After Eagle update firebase DB not working

After eagle update kodular databse is not working .

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Then give more info.

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It doesn’t look like an issue with firebase, and more like an issue with the get Id block

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it will not 100% work as expected, for some device… make sure to call device id first, maybe in screen initialize or some procedure… set in an empty text with variable or label, and before attempt to use is as a tag.

Hi, vishwas
May be this is the problem but how to solve this problem
Also Apk is not installing in device
database.apk (5.7 MB)

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Also a simple block apk is not installing in device
only a button and a block

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Bro firebase is working perfectly. There is no issue with it. May be Device component having bug. Make sure you filled the db url correctly… Some time its not working due to wrong url…

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It’s been confirmed that it is not an issue with Firebase, but a problem with the Get Device Id block. Thanks for reporting!

The bug has been added to the bug tracker topic (in #feedback:bugs). Please use that topic to view progress on the bug fix.