After fenix update banner ads showing half screen

Not understand how to set Google ad manager ads unit size & ads unit…
We have no idea how to do it any example available give us ideas. How to show Google ads kodular


What version of the companion app are you running?

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We have no idea how to use Google ad manager how to setup ads unit.
We use latest version application
We have no any supported video how to use Google ad manager application ads unit and set up kodular.

Did you check out the docs?

We not able to see how to set up add.txt. file
As per mentioned this help page
Take this screenshot

Please read all topics in #kreatorcamp:ad-manager before asking a question. Most questions have already been answered. There’s even a guide on setting up app-ads.txt. Also, reports will be shown in You will rarely have to access your Ad Manager dashboard directly

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I think you use in companion

You have any idea give me step how to use Google ad manager ads kodular app

First setup app id -
Second what to do google ad manager how to create ad unit banner, interstitial and reward ad unit…

Did you even read the links I posted?