After js evaluate returns multiple result on webview

hello guys,
i need help to get multiple js id values at once, but now i only get 1 value

As I can see you are only showing one result in Label2

yes, but when i get another return value, it conflict and can’t be loaded

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how to get the return values ​​separately and display in 2 different labels

Save them to 2 global Variables.

Your uploaded image is not visible.

KUCASINOV2.aia (121.1 KB)
can you help me do it

I will check it

As i can check this js document.getElementById("AccountID").value; returning null which means data we are finding in the website not available there.

this I’m thinking how to get 2 data fields at once for 2 separate labels

This block only allows to return 1 data field, if adding 1 at 2, it will return null

It’s not returning anything for me.

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you can’t get more than 1 result with this code! you need different code to get multiple results

do you have any solution to get multiple results ?

You can use this method.

have 1 value i need get the result