After Login in next screen Email Id is not appears


Why the index value is empty? Also it will through a error message in apk i hope

Here in the index use the same what you used in the earlier, like this…

I dont know what to mention in that index as i want email id, if i put that block which you shows appears username but i want email id, which is in 2 index

Do not worry, if you do copy - paste the same block it will give the exact email id of the use name if exists…

Select list item list (get global email) index (index in the list thing (user name text) list (global user name)

Still same error i am facing, pls do the needful

Use User name text

Thanks a lot, its working now…

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But instead of calling all the table, why don’t you use gviz method, there by you can call only username detail and can try to match it…

Sure i will try this, whether any other method to add one time login?

once user logged in, then save the user name and email in tiny tb . Next time while open the app, check the tinydb,

If the value is empty redirect to login screen if not redirect to next screen along with email tiny db value (if needed you can take the user name value too)

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