After Message Dialog Issue

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. When a user is clicking Submit on a machine maintenance form I’m checking to see if the machine needs an oil change. if it does I’m opening a message dialog to let the technician know and if it doesn’t I’m submitting the weekly check via webhook through Integromat.

This works fine and the notification shows up when needed. What I’m having issues with is the After Message Dialog block.
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Nothing happens. Am I using the wrong block? The way it’s written above should literally just show me the message title as a test when Okay is clicked on the dialog and nothing happens. Any help would be appreciated.

unfortunately @KodularCreator did not provide a documentation for the notifier Notifier - Kodular Docs
probably ow is a good opportunity to provide it?

for App Inventor only the ShowChooseDialog method offers a corresponding event, i.e. the AfterChoosing event…

you could use that method and if you only need one button, just provide an empty string as second button text, then show your Notifier.ShowAlert in the AfterChoosing event


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Thanks, That worked great. Still think this should be looked into as a bug since the initial issue wasn’t resolved, just a workaround was found.

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I think so too. I tried it with a clock just to see if it was too soon for the notifier to show again, the clock was set to 250 ms, 1 second and 5 seconds and nothing showed.

The After Message Dialog only works for the Custom Message Dialog block, not the Show Message Dialog block.


Is there one that works for Show Message Dialog? This might be something that documentation would have cleared up for me.

Okay, I see it in the tips when I hover. However, renaming it and maybe having one for just Show Message Dialog would go a long way in making sure you don’t confuse people.

I needed the user to acknowledge the notification prior to submitting the data and Show Message Dialog seemed like the right way to go, except that there doesn’t seem to be anything watching to see when it’s button is clicked.

Is there any plans on finishing the documentation? Kodular has a lot of unique blocks and some of them, I might say are not very intuitive in their usage like the original ones. Those are really powerful and do great things but trying to figure out how they work is not always easy for non developers.

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Then I would propose you rename that block to After Custom Message Dialog.


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