After picking a txt file using the Filepicker extension by deephost: how can I read that file?

How can I get text from an .txt file.any way??

I trying this

But getting this error

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May be using the file component

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There are lots of block.which one should I use to get text from txt file

Use Read File block for reading file, as block name says.


There is description given beneath every block. What do you think that is for? To read, try, and implement.

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You are right. But this block was not working. I am trying like this

Here is the eror @Italo on the screenshot

I tried with file name,title,file path uri.but showing this eror


You should ask developer of that extension, why…

It was latter it was showing eror when read

I am using file component to read txt file.

Then show the error.

file path is different like file picker gets content://etc and files needs file://etc

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It is not the file component. It’s File_Picker. Maybe some kind of extension

Edit: Got it! It’s an extension by deephost

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I know that but showing eror when file got name.deephost extention are picked file exactly. @ImranTariq was right

So how should I choose file now.

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Sorry for asking wrong type question. But now ok?

If you are using an extension and your problem is with that extension, you should explain that in your first post.


Not with extention I am facing eror with file component read block.

I guess you are having problems with the file path, right? Have you used Do It already to see what the different paths show? (File_Picker component and File component) Looks like the File_Picker component returns a path that is different from the File component. Find what the difference is and format it so the File component can open the file.