After purchase in app billing problem

Hey. How do you use the After purchase event? Below is a picture of my blocks. This event does not work for me! You have to add something like “if product id equals true is something”? For now, nothing is happening after payment.


Why dont you search first in community for “in app Billing”?!

A great tutorial here

But billing from pura vida does not have after purchase. It’s finally how I can use the after purchase block?

I need it very much. And AdMob ads are already fixed, @Mika?

They will be fixed public when we say it.

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Ok. And how to finally do it after purchase?

I need it soon!

Please search in the community

with all due respect, but if I could find a solution, I would not ask … Anyone know?

Man why we do controls like if product ID = true unable understand idea behind this.

Its just give information about product ID. When user purchased something its triggered and you can learn which product purchased if you have Single product id you dont need any control block

You need to CONSUME the product, and if it is consumed the . you can set the NO ADS.

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Just how to uninstall and install applications, it going first time, shows me that I have a premium version, but if I enter any next, nothing happens, the same thing after making Payment. I have there code that checks (got purchase) if the list of products is empty, if it is empty does not do anything, and if not, it turns on the premium version. Only that after payment nothing happens.