After text input

i checked in companion the block after text input dont work i dont see why any help?

You are using it wrong, if get response is … then else …

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really anyways i put in the block a sound to test without any if still dont work and what do you meen with i use it wrong i just dont understand

no errors at all i need user to put few info so when he enters first so he can put other but nothing hapens even without if in the after input block i tested on few ways

it is working well in our side

I dont know why :c thanks for help i wish it would work but its not

i tried on difrent but any event after dont work for me even at difrent project! So its broken i guess

Post a test aia that shows the problem

can i send you at privte message i really dont want to give everyone acces to it . Im gonna send it but if you need it here just say it

you can do either… pm or public ( always share demo aia if are sharing in public)

or can i send it to you ?

try like this

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