AIA file for FitBook

Hey Guys! Have a look at the Fitness app which I have created with Kodular: FitBook.
Below is the screenshot of the app.
Features of the app:
i) You can watch many YouTube videos based on Fitness.
ii) You can read many articles based on Fitness.
iii) You can get trending Fitness hashtags to get followers.
iv) You can earn rewards while reading the articles or watching the videos.
v) Lastly, there’s no need to login to earn rewards. You can earn it anyways.
Hope you will like the app.
If you liked the app, please give it a 5 star rating on Google Play.

AIA file for this app is available for sale.

Price of AIA file: $5/ 380 INR.

Kindly contact me if you want to purchase this AIA. File will be sent after the payment is done.

Thank you. :slight_smile:


Good Work… keep it up @golumaths100

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Nice app!
I found this bug:

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Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for reporting it. I fixed it in the new update.
Please rate it on the Google play. :slight_smile:

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Why have you reviewed your own app on the Google Play Store?

That’s kind of dishonest unless you admit you, the creator, are giving your own app a 5 star review.

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How you created loading screen like this

Which listview you used


Nice app @golumaths100.

However I found some bugs during short use of your app

  1. When we launch the app, the menu button doesn’t work. However when we open and close the side menu once by sliding and try again to click the menu button it works
  1. The card view in the calculator screen is not properly aligned

  1. When the Internet isn’t working for the user, then indicates the same because as shown below the the quotes area goes black when not connected and this may create confusion

  1. When the content in the social screen loads, make sure it’s loads everything at a time as the half loaded screen doesn’t look good

It’s lottie animation file probably that’s being displayed until the main list is loaded and not any listview.

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Thanks friend

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try updating the app. The alignment has been corrected.

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Yes, you’re right. I’ve used lottie animation.

The content loads slowly because I’ve used dynamic card view. There’s a bug in dynamic card view in kodular. No matter what you try, the image will load slowly.
And for the menu also, I can’t do anything as it’s kodular bug. But most of the people swipe right on the screen to open it.
Anyways, I’ll try to make the screen load faster.
Thanks for reviewing my app. :slight_smile:

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I used lottie animation for loading screen.

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Wich one? Send a link pls

I used this animation. Link here:

Do you want to tell us why you’ve reviewed your own app on the Play Store?

Why can’t I review my own app?
Is it written in the Google policy that I can’t review my own app?

At least let people know you have done so otherwise you are misleading them.

What’s your problem with that? Who don’t give the own app 5 stars? We are talking just about 1 account that give 5 stars, he doesn’t spam or what, like do other people.

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