AIA File Not Uploading

Hi Everyone my aia file is not importing

please help me out to fix this

OROMANY_1.aia (2.9 MB)

Try now OROMANY_1.aia (2.7 MB)

nothing happened and still showing that error

Unfortunately I don’t have time to troubleshoot your app but it works if I remove all of your assets…

OROMANY_1.aia (247.4 KB)

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OROMANY.aiĐ° remove the lower ( _ )

Nothing Working

It is valid. There’s no need to do so.

Try this: OROMANY_2.aia (360.0 KB)

This APK contains all images (assets):
OROMANY_2.apk (7.9 MB)
(built in 2 min)

Note: You must disable the Clock on Screen1.

yes I know that

First you want to delate all oromany aisa file then download this please it will work

OROMANY.aia (2.7 MB)

Did you even try to load this file by your self to see if it works…

Yes to many assets, those assets wont even load on an naked project (just assets)

And according to him, nothing worked, even when I removed all assets, I guess too weak internet…

So you have to insert them (or most of them) after building the APK by decompiling the APK … , as I did it.

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I was able to successfully import an aia (no components, no blocks) with → 247 small images (but it failed with → 248 images ).
So there seems to be a limit to the number of assets.

Until someone proves otherwise, the max is → 247. :wink:

Sounds reasonable and the bigger the assets are the less you can import…

Only way to go around this

Btw, this problem does not exist with AI2. I was able to import a project with more than 260 images without any problems.

But even if I put 257 text files (each only 3 Bytes) in the assets, the aia is not imported. No issue with AI2.

Note: The aia is only 45 KB:
numberAssets.aia (44.8 KB)

Now it’s someone else’s turn to do the work to determine the exact limit of the assets for small text files.

But I think we should get an answer to this issue from the Kodular team → @Kodular.

No! internet Speed is Excellent (65 Mbps)

There was the problem with the assests but its resolved now

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