AIA Marketplace - a unique store to download freemium aia

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AIA Marketplace - A very unique aia store for kodular app developers

Short Description:

My aim is to make apps easier, faster and reliable with world class UI designs.
aia marketplace provide paid & free aia & extensions files for kodular.
and you furthermore may can able download the demo apk & see the screenshot of the projects.


:point_right: Minimal UI Design
:point_right: Free and Paid files
:point_right: Demo APK download (Test before download/buy aia)
:point_right: Early access (coming soon)
:point_right: Weekly/monthly sales and discounts
:point_right: Easy to use
:point_right: Secure login with Google
:point_right: Custom and fully featured menubar
:point_right: Report abuse any project.
:point_right: and many more…

Demo Video:


App Store/Download link:

Thanks to:

@lukegackle for JSONTools (I used version 4)
@yusufcihan for DynamicComponents (I used version 2.0)
@devcafeofficial for FlipCounter
@colintree for ScrollArrangementHandlers - (external link)
@Atom_Developer for FloatingActionView
@DevYB for Popup Menu - Simple popup menu

and big Thanks to Kodular


Can you tell me how you make title bar showing when scrolling down?

yes, u can use FloatingActionView by @Atom_Developer

Can you show me code?

Nice :+1: , Keep :kodular:oding

where can you download this app?

Can you tell me how you did drop down menu like that?

seems like you didn’t read my post above.
well link is already in description above.

Yes Please,
I’ve used this block here using FloatingActionView extension

I simply used Vertical Arrangement and renamed it to NAV. and then used a lot of components inside nav component to design it, like cardview, label, image and many more vertical & horizontal components.

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which database did you use?

Seen a nice UI after long time.
Good job keep it up.

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Thanks! Glad you liked. more are coming by, very soon

The UI is really really great! Brilliant work @devcafeofficial

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I have Find It here You can add this

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Thanks a lot, I downloaded this extension long time ago. so didn’t remember the link
Update link

New update your app doesn’t switch screen,
It’s stuck at the Splash screen

I got no issue with new update.
relaunch app or better clear data before reopen

No doubt that the UI is one of the best :fire::fire:

Can i know that where do you make these screenshots, they looks amazing :grin:

PS. On first launch it worked well, but when I opened second time it stuck on splash screen.

Really awesome. It attracts very much… keep rocking kodular… Nice app with multiple extension. No lagg, very smooth and calm. Very good


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Thanks a lot. :slightly_smiling_face:

the first 2 images (in desc above), I got from other website :stuck_out_tongue:. but rest of the things I make my own.
for most of my work like for logo, ic-launcher image, icons & screenshots, I use Adobe XD

I also noticed this.
and it only does that when u relaunch this app straight away after you close it.
otherwise works fine for me very well.

Thanks for checking by this app. :+1:

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