Aia not working on new account

I have an old account on kodular and i have many projects on them.but iam recently created a new account on kodular with a diffrent gmail id.but now when iam export aia files from old account and import to new account then all aia files are import suceesfully and working properlly in new account.

but only one project iam not able to open in new account.i mean i have a aia file called quizer and when iam import in new account then aia file import succesfully without any error but when i click on project to open then only showing “getting things ready” notifier.and projects not loading.

please help me to solved this i need this project.

Welcome. You tell nothing about your project. So read this and then give more info.

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Can I upload my aia file here to check what is the problem

It is better to tell about your aia like i asked. You still haven’t told anything.

Yes, but first rename the AIA and try to import it in your old Kodular account.
Does it work? I think it won’t, so try …

here is my old account and my app details

aia fileQuizer.aia (4.7 MB)

aia file was a application like quiz app where user play quiz games.

Yes i rename the aia file and import in old account but when i click on aia kodular stuck on “getting tings ready” diologue on old & new account was same problem

There is no Screen1 and also no blocks at all:

Try this: Quizer2.aia (4.7 MB)

I added Screen1 as a copy of the Playlogo screen:

Before 2 days IAM added a screen by copy my play screen and rename it to playlogo but after screen create my project crashed and playlogo screen not opening properly in kodular editor and screen remove option was not working then I watch a YouTube video and learn about removing screen from aia file.then the help of WinRAR applied I remove playlogo screen and upload it to kodular and then all thing are working fine but yesterday I export same project from my old account and import to new account then the problem comes and project in stuck on getting things ready duologue

Can you open my AIA (Quizer2.aia)?

I think so, import this AIA into the old account, put the blocks in the Backpack and then copy them into the new AIA.

I have tried your aia and it works properly, but blocks are gone so he needs to put them back

See in my old account I have total 5 screen and in every screen I have many blocks but when IAM exporting aia file IAM getting null aia.see my screenshot of main project screenshot it,s working well but when IAM export aia file and then import to old or new account then problem comes and kodular sticks on projects loading duologue.why IAM getting null project in aia while exporting but projects have everything and when IAM export apk then apk was working good but IAM not getting valid aia file of my projects this is the problem because IAM check my exported aia file in WinRAR application where aia file have only assest but no screen and blocks.please solve

@Cklinks_Official Until then try this:

You mean export all screen and with winrar editor add all screen to aia file then upload but how to merge all screen because after exporting screen screen name will be change.

please fix these issue and release kodular next update